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Corporate Member: Validators


We are the technology company that built and developed the world’s first open, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that, without forking, provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today’s economy. With an award-winning team, we enable traditional finance and decentralized financial businesses to embrace the world of frictionless finance.

Ropes & Gray is at the vanguard of the digital asset legal market, advising clients across industries on matters related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that are critical to their business, including securities and commodities laws, enforcement, tax planning and structuring, private litigation relating to ICOs or exchange operations, and other business risks and considerations.

The Blockchain Practice

A specialist team dedicated to applying distributed ledger technologies

Is your business ready for Blockchain?

Imagine a shared computer accessible to anyone, a single source of truth within which to store events, ownership and activities, and to execute workflow involving multiple parties without the use of separate systems and databases – and with no reconciliation required. It will change the way digital services are provided across all industries globally. Blockchain changes the rules, prepare for disruption or prepare to disrupt. <More Info>

Corporate Member: Nodes

Fueling the Adoption of Permissionless Blockchain Networks

PureStake is focused on providing the highest quality infrastructure and services for public blockchain networks.

Trusted by customers all across the blockchain — including early backers, developers, enterprises, and other participants that need to interact with crypto networks but don’t have either the time or the expertise — to launch and manage the infrastructure they need to run their technology.

Better content


Better blockchains.

We’re the global media platform that
builds your blockchain audience.

Real people. Real results.

We’re leading the media by modeling the Three T’s:
Trust, Transparency, and Truth.

We’re building the biggest and best blockchain media company in the world.

Our ambition is to serve up the world’s most-loved digital media properties dedicated to blockchain: websites, events, television shows, books, podcasts, and blogs. We want to help the most people possible, to make the maximum positive impact on humanity.


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Global Executive Search, Talent Consulting 

Unblocking blockchain

“Across nearly all industries, the workplace is becoming more distributed, faster paced, and increasingly consists of both full-time and gig workers,” said Odgers Berndtson PartnerRichard Pooley, who will lead the Blockchain Practice in the United States. “This blended workforce requires organizations to adopt a new kind of ‘liquid’ talent strategy tailored to their short-term and long-term hiring needs and can provide their business areas with fluid resources to quickly scale up or down as needed.”


Topos is the first zkEcosystem, allowing developers to deploy sovereign execution layers and dApps with native interoperability and cryptographic security.

ACKCS is a developer of an NFT ecosystem where value is created, captured, and transferred among creators, owners, and system participants.

Website under construction

As part of the Central bank of the United States, the Boston Fed works to promote sound growth and financial stability in New England and the nation. We contribute to communities, the region, and the nation by conducting economic research, participating in monetary policy-making, supervising certain financial institutions, providing financial services and payments, playing a leadership role in the payments industry, and supporting economic well-being in communities through a variety of efforts.

We strengthen the competitiveness of the tech and innovation economy by driving strategic investments, partnerships, and insights that harness the talent of Massachusetts.

As a unique public agency, MassTech supports business formation and growth in the state’s technology sector, helping Massachusetts lead in the global digital economy.

True Tickets is a client first start-up keenly focused on providing digital customizable rights management for contactless digital tickets to the ticketing issuer. We actively work with venues and platform partners to provide a lasting business solution for both primary and secondary ticket markets. This gives venues true control of their mobile tickets for a better patron experience.

The leading public open-source blockchain for financial services, leveraged by over 50 financial institutions and operating at scale today with billions of dollars of digital financial assets transacted across lending, payments and marketplaces.

Use your crypto as collateral and get 100% mortgage financing.

Crypto mortgages work just like old-fashioned mortgages. The only difference is that the collateral are your digital assets.

Unparalleled knowledge and advocacy of the New England payments landscape

Board of Directors

Lynne Marlor

Stephen Leahy

Previously Managing Director and Head of the Specialized Industries Group at BNYMellon, Lynne is the Founder of Transformational Strategies, LLC, with a long history as trusted advisor to major corporations, financial institutions, foundations and startups. Lynne has served as consultant in both valuing companies and transforming their global business development strategies. Lynne has spoken at numerous financial and innovation forums, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, where she is Senior Advisor to EnterpriseWomen, and most notably the National Association of Financial Professionals speaking on Global Payments, Back office systems including STP, Blockchain and DEFI.

Sam Nathans

Vice Chair
Sam Nathans

Sam has served as the system architect of several tech start-ups in the blockchain space. Sam has a deep understanding of blockchain structures, governance, privacy, and usability, while also being able to clearly translate tech-speak into easy-to-understand operational Use-Case applications.


Eric RouxEric Roux

Eric Roux

Executive and Consultant with extensive international experience who collaborates with colleagues, customers and partners to develop and implement solutions that create new business, generate sales, drive revenue, growth and profitability.



Heather Lowe

Peter Brooks

Senior Attorney at Gravis Law in the Business Law section supporting corporate clients as they start and grow their businesses. Special focus on early-stage blockchain/digital asset companies as well as AML, anti-corruption, sanctions and privacy law compliance.


Doug Mehne

Programs Chair
Peter Brooks

Chief Business Officer, Protego Trust Bank, NA – Doug’s experience is broad, encompassing both financial services market knowledge, and also the technologies that are transforming these markets: Blockchain, Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud delivery models.


John HargraveJohn Hargrave

Membership Chair
John Hargrave

CEO of MEDIA SHOWER, the blockchain media company. Publisher of BITCOIN MARKET JOURNAL, trusted by 100,000 blockchain investors monthly. Author of the bestseller BLOCKCHAIN FOR EVERYONE (Simon & Schuster, July 2019). Leader of the Blockchain Revolution.


Mike Wise

Head of Partnerships (Ex-Officio, Immediate Past Chair)
Frank Makrides

Mike is a global executive consultant in blockchain, DLT, Social Tech, and eCommerce strategy in Fintech and Insurtech. Mike is the current Head of Partnerships of the Boston Blockchain Association and is studying in the MIT Sloan School of Management technology program. Mike’s vision and mission is to spread the influence of the Boston blockchain and innovation ecosystem around the world and to expand the roster of engaged Corporate Members & Sponsors.



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