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Where Boston Blockchain is Going in 2022

lynne-marlorDear BBA Community:

As we reflect on a year like no other, I would like to express my gratitude to our community who share our vision of Boston as the global hub of blockchain. Special thanks go to our incredible Vice Chair Sam Nathans, and all the Board members who are consummate professionals working tirelessly in support of our mission of bringing together innovators, collaborators, champions and entrepreneurs focused on fueling the promise of blockchain technology.

Special thanks to our Head of Partnerships Mike Wise, our Secretary Eric Roux, and our Treasurer Peter Brooks, as well as the rest of our Board: Warren Brown, Vincenzo Ciancio (new Membership Chair), Drew Cousin, David Cutler, John Hargrave, Stephen Leahy, and Nate Rand. Thanks also to our outgoing Board members Lili Chen and Caroline Dennis.

Most of all, thank YOU to our members and frequent attendees for being crucial partners in our continued success. We have some great events lined up for 2022, including Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, and an even bigger and better Boston Blockchain Week. Please join us!

Happy new year!
Lynne Marlor
Chair, Boston Blockchain Association (BBA) Board

Here’s how your BBA membership supported our work in 2021:

5,000+ event attendees
Our high-quality event lineup featured blockchain and crypto all-stars like Chris Giancarlo, Jim Cunha, Bobby Lee, Camila Russo, DeFi Dad, Leanne Kemp, and Jason Yanowitz.

100+ companies
Including enterprise technologists, founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, regulators, incubators, developers, and deep tech architects

30+ events
We’re proud of the diversity of our blockchain topics: from industry topics like healthcare and supply chain, to crypto topics like DeFi and NFTs, to social topics like financial inclusion and emerging economies.

4 Global Blockchain Centers of Excellence
We built partnerships between Boston, Washington D.C., Luxembourg, and Ireland – building Boston as the Hub for seeding and supporting thousands of blockchain innovators worldwide.

31% Senior Blockchain Professionals
About a third of the BBA community is Senior Leadership, followed by 20% entry level. We’re successfully bringing together both mature business wisdom and digital natives.

Here are the ways you can help in 2022:

To become a member of the BBA and support our great work in 2022, click here to join.

To volunteer for a working group, please fill out the volunteer application form here. It’s a great way of building your blockchain expertise and network.

To stay up to date on our events, subscribe to our Meetup page. We’re always interested in promoting Boston-area projects and ideas.

To partner with the BBA in 2022 on corporate sponsorships or events, reply to our Head of Partnerships Mike Wise at Let’s work together!

Happy New Year from the BBA!


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