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Boston is the hub for blockchain! Here’s a list of all the blockchain companies and resources in the Boston area. If you have a company that you’d like listed, or want to update your info below, contact us to manage your listing.

9th Gear Technologies9th Gear powers instant settlement – starting with foreign exchange (FX)
AdjointBlockchain technology for the financial
AirFoxA peer-to-peer payments and microloan platform focused on serving the unbanked in emerging
AlgorandFounded by Turing award winner Silvio Micali, Algorand has built a platform that delivers decentralization, scalability and security.
ArwenSecure Settlement for Digital Assets. Arwen’s technology eliminates needless risk and friction associated with moving coins across
Bitcoin Market JournalWe believe in a better kind of bitcoin site, with investing information and ideas that are trustworthy, understandable, and
BleumiDelivering Seamless Cross-Border Interactions Using
BlocktestTechnical due diligence for the world’s blockchain technologies, measuring their performance, security, scalability and
Cambridge BlockchainCambridge Blockchain puts control of personal identity data in the hands of the end
CircleCircle offers products for investing in cryptocurrencies and exchanging money around the
CoCreateXProtect your intellectual property on the CoCreateX
CognateA trademark rights protection platform that allows users to organize and manage their trademarks and proof of use
Coin MetricsOpen source crypto asset
EnigmaEnigma is building a privacy layer for the decentralized web.
EverbloomDecentralized cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum and ERC20
EximchainEximchain is the first public blockchain for the supply chain
FirstBloodAn online competitive gaming
Flipside CryptoFlipside Crypto measures the value of crypto assets based on underlying
LevelKLevel K is a development service specializing in custom Ethereum
LibertyXLibertyX, partnering with thousands of local stores, makes it possible for them to sell bitcoin and for shoppers to buy and receive
LBRYA free, open and community-run digital media
Media ShowerA marketing service and platform for blockchain companies designed to rapidly grow their
NDAUA digital currency designed to mitigate the risk of downside
NebulasAn autonomous Metanet focused on on-chain data, interactions, and
PureStakeInfrastructure services and developer tools for next-generation blockchain
SiaSia leverages blockchain technology to create a data storage marketplace alternative to traditional cloud storage
Simply Vital HealthBlockchain infrastructure for health data management for patients and
SivensoMarketing and growth strategy services for blockchain and DLT
SolidifiedAn audit service for smart
TokenReportA newsletter for cryptocurrency
TunnelA distributed payment system using a new multi-chain technology they say is faster and more scalable than blockchain, and will reduce payments to a fraction of today’s
VoatzVoatz leverages blockchain to make secure and verifiable digital voting

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