The Massachusetts Legislator’s Toolkit for Blockchain Technology

Our free resource for Massachusetts lawmakers to learn about the potential benefits and risks of blockchain technology, as well as the policy options available to them.

Created alongside the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, D.C., our toolkit is a comprehensive guide for policy makers containing:

  • An overview of blockchain technology
  • The potential benefits of blockchain technology
  • The potential risks of blockchain technology
  • Policy options for lawmakers
  • Case studies of how blockchain technology is being used
  • A glossary of terms

The toolkit is a valuable resource for lawmakers and anyone else who wants to learn more about this exciting technology.

Best Practices for Building Web3 Communities

Our guide to establishing a robust online community for the success of blockchain or crypto projects. Through insights from leaders in successful Web3 projects, the guide offers strategies to cultivate a dedicated community that resonates with the project's vision and aids its growth. In this info-packed guide, you’ll learn:

  • Central Role of Communities: Why a strong online community is indispensable – and how to build them.
  • Voice of Experience: What successful Web3 leaders have learned – and what they wished they’d known before starting out.
  • Passion Drives Projects: How to build a passionate community around your project, and sustain them for the long term.

This guide is essential for blockchain enthusiasts, crypto project leaders, and anyone aiming to build and nurture a Web3 community effectively.

Best Practices for Community Meetups

Your go-to guide for creating Web3 communities. Based on hosting thousands of participants at our BBA meetups, this guide offers in-depth insights and strategies for conducting successful community events:

  • In-Person vs. Online: How to balance between in-person and virtual meetups to cater to different audiences.
  • Location Choices: Where to hold your event (even for those on a budget).
  • Promotion: How to use and social media for effective event promotion.
  • Event Structure: Best practices on everything from “How long should it last?” to “How much food should we order?”
  • Speaker Selection: Tips on landing all-star speakers to boost attendance and engagement.
  • Costs: A complete budget breakdown, and how to find sponsors to help underwrite your costs.

This guide is a must-read for community managers, event organizers, and anyone keen on building and nurturing active, engaged Web3 communities.