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Is Crypto Regulation Around the Corner?

Is Crypto Regulation Around the Corner?


Politician and BBA blockchain advocate Rep. Kate Lipper-Garabedian is leading the charge on several important crypto initiatives in both Boston and the state of Massachusetts. See below to learn about the new crypto bills being introduced and what they entail:

  1. HD2256, An Act establishing a special commission on blockchain and cryptocurrency (refile): creating a 25-member special commission to study and provide recommendations to the legislature
  2. HD3960, An Act creating a pilot program to explore digital innovation in government (new file): empowering MassTech Collaborative to work with at least one registry of deeds to test distributed ledger technology as a redundancy-driven concept to be used parallel and as a backup record to the current recording system
  3. HD3962, An Act providing for consumer protection in a digital economy (new file): directing the Treasurer to develop a digital module and resources on cryptocurrencies and digital assets to support Massachusetts residents
  4. HD2253, An Act assisting with higher education recordkeeping responsibilities (new file): authorizing higher education institutions at financial risk of imminent closure to rely on distributed ledger technology to maintain student records
  5. HD66, An Act relative to workforce development (refile): establishing a grant program to support blockchain credentialing

Upcoming Events


Crypto Mondays Stamford 2/6 6pm: Coinbase Policy (David London)

Friday, Monday, February 6, 2022, 6PM – 8PM EST

David London—Coinbase’s head of US and local public policy—will offer his ideas on the future of crypto. Pizza and beverages will be provided, and attendance is free. Just sign up on

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Web3 is a world where anything is possible. Where a more equitable financial system is being created, where ownership is being reimagined, and where tokenization is used for profound community building.

Despite Web3’s promise of fairness of inclusivity, the industry as a whole lacks diversity. That’s why we are committed to making sure there is a place for the bright and innovative women of this industry at Consensus, the most important conversation in crypto and Web3.

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Must Read

How do you make the ticketing industry more secure? Several serious ticket problems occurred in 2022, between the “Taylor Swift” incident and brokers either overselling tickets or outright selling tickets they didn’t have. While bad behavior itself can’t be stopped, blockchain technology has what it takes to micromanage the industry a little better to prevent situations like these from being as prominent as they are.

The following two articles are written by BBA member Matthew Zarracina. Check them out to see how blockchain can take some of the trouble out of purchasing seats to your next big event:

What Ticketing can Learn from the FTX Collapse | by Matthew Zarracina | Medium

Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift: This Problem Already Has a Solution | by Matthew Zarracina | Medium

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