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Crypto Regulation and your Questions about Bitcoin Answered


We had an awesome time last week learning how to do proper crypto research. A big thanks to Alex Thorn of Galaxy Digital for sharing his knowledge!

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Jimmy Song Answers Your Hardest Questions About Bitcoin

Thursday, March 17, 2022, 6:30 PM to 8 PM EST

Jimmy Song is a crypto expert and Bitcoin Fellow at Blockchain Capital. He is the author of “Programming Bitcoin” and co-author of “The Little Bitcoin Book.” In this event, he’ll answer your toughest questions about the world’s most popular digital currency. He’ll discuss bitcoin’s environmental impact, its journey towards mass adoption, and how governments are reacting to it. You can pre-submit your questions, while a live Q&A will be featured after the workshop.

During this event, if you have interest in becoming a certified cryptocurrency investigator, Blockchain Intelligence Group—a crypto compliance and forensics company—and a corporate sponsor of the Boston Blockchain Association, will be raffling off a FREE certified cryptocurrency investigator training (CCI) course to one lucky winner as a door prize – THIS EVENT ONLY. Register for the raffle here: For more information on this training and Blockchain Intelligence Group, visit Our sincere thanks to Lance Morginn, President of BIG, for kicking off the session as emcee. Thanks for supporting the BBA Lance and Bill Callahan!

The Cryptocurrency Compliance Playbook

Has Crypto Regulation Finally Arrived?

Last week, Joe Biden issued an executive order requesting national agencies to examine crypto-related risks for the purpose of drafting appropriate regulations for the expanding blockchain industry. The objectives of the order are to:

  • Protect consumers, investors, and businesses engaged in crypto activity
  • Subject crypto exchanges, DA issuers, and intermediaries to the same regulatory standards as traditional financial firms
  • Study national security and illicit finance risks present in the crypto space to ensure future accountability, transparency, privacy, and security
  • Strengthen America’s position in the field of global finance
  • Investigate the potential of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to reduce costs and boost financial access for everyday users
  • Push for safe and accessible financial services
  • Support advancements in technology that permit responsible development and use of DAs

In what is being labeled a pivotal moment for crypto, the order will apply to numerous councils, committees, and departments in the US government.

Careers in Blockchain

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