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Boston Blockchain Events Week of October 18

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Bitcoin is back above $60,000 as traders are pricing in the launch of the first Futures-based Bitcoin ETF in the US.  This could be the catalyst that sparks the run to $100,000 that so many analysts have been touting. While you’re waiting for that to happen, why not take some time to attend a meetup or two to increase your blockchain knowledge? The coming week features State of Blockchain Adoption for Supply Chain Applications, which is particularly relevant in the current economy. In the following week you’ll definitely want to consider our Members Only: Hands-On DeFi Workshop, and for those who are just starting out the workshop for How Blockchain is Improving Financial Literacy is a must-attend event.

Blockchain and crypto are game-changers for finance – don’t just sit on the sidelines, get involved!

H.126 BBA

Massachusetts House Bill 126, An Act establishing a special commission on blockchain and cryptocurrency, is on the move! The Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, the Internet, and Cybersecurity will hear testimony on H126 at its hearing on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, at 1:00pm. Review this critical legislation here. Please consider submitting written testimony in support of the bill to the Committee staff, and You also can sign up to provide oral testimony during the virtual hearing when a registration link is established. As always, reach out directly to Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian, the sponsor of H.126, at We look forward to your support!

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If you aren’t already, please help support blockchain development in Boston by becoming a member of the Boston Blockchain Association today. All you have to do is apply to become a member (takes just a minute of your time) to be sure you’ll stay informed on all Boston area blockchain events. Blockchain technology is the future of many global industries. Get involved in the future.

Here are the planned virtual and in-person events in Boston’s blockchain community for the coming week(s):

State of Blockchain Adoption for Supply Chain Applications

Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CDT

Jeff Stollman and Tom Klein from the Hyperledger Supply Chain Special Interest Group will share their insights from the group and the state of blockchain adoption for Supply Chain applications. Topics will include current industry challenges, success stories, and organizations active in applying blockchain to supply chain use cases. The Supply Chain Special Interest Group is open to everyone and you can find out more at:

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Members Only: Hands-On DeFi Workshop

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM CDT

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market has exploded in value in the past two years, with over $90 BILLION currently invested in this new asset class. (By the time you read this, that number will be higher.) DeFi has minted a new generation of crypto millionaires, who understand how this new world of decentralized money works. Our goal is to help you learn how it works, too.

In this hands-on workshop for members, we will walk you through the concepts of DeFi, then show you how to connect your crypto wallet to several of the top DeFi platforms for lending, staking, and yield farming. This new interactive workshop format is a small group experience, where a subject matter expert will walk you through a step-by-step screenshare of how to do it, with the ability to follow along and ask questions.

It is available for Bitcoin Market Journal paid members only, in partnership with Boston Blockchain Association. To sign up for our paid membership and attend this exclusive online event:

How Blockchain is Improving Financial Literacy

Thursday, October 28, 2021, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM CDT

We’re seeing an exciting shift in the way people think about money. High schoolers know more about bitcoin than professional bankers. Millennials are now trading stocks on Robinhood and by reading r/WallStreetBets. Blockchain is leading this shift toward financial literacy, by getting a new generation involved with new forms of money … but who’s still left behind?

Yield Farming 101

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM CDT

Learn the basics and advanced techniques of yield farming and fatten your bag. This session will be taught by Nathan Windsor. Nathan has spent the last five years running his bespoke blockchain consultancy, Macroscape. He is lead business developer at Blockwatch Data, a leading blockchain analytics provider delivering actionable insights, CEO of Volta Market, a crypto/traditional “edge fund”, and cofounder of the Midnight Forest, a holistic creative agency. For many years, Nathan worked as a music therapist and artist in NYC. Nathan holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

Careers in Blockchain

Looking for a career in blockchain? Looking to hire great blockchain talent? Then you’ll love the Blockchain Jobs section of our newsletter and website.

But before you start looking for your dream job we’d also appreciate it if you could take a moment of your time to complete a short (30 second) survey to help us improve your experience with the Boston Blockchain Association in the future. You can access the survey here. Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Developer at a desk in front of multiple computer screens.

If you are a blockchain professional interested in finding your next job opportunity, check out the Boston Blockchain Association Network, where we post a curated list of blockchain employment opportunities in the Boston area.

New blockchain jobs are continually being added, and there’s sure to be something suitable for your talents now or in the coming weeks. For example, Algorand is looking for a Senior Technical Product Manager and a number of Software Engineers. Algorand has really been growing and recently surpassed 10 million accounts. Join a leading blockchain project and add your talents to the future of finance.

Writers are welcome to apply for a Writing Position with Media Shower. Or consider working for Coinbase. They have a massive number of openings for remote workers with all types of skill sets. Why not consider a position as a Blockchain Systems Admin/Ops for Chainlink Labs. Or maybe Senior Associate, Data Modeling (Blockchain) for KPMG or Crypto Analyst for Fidelity Investments are more to your liking. There’s also a position for a Finance Manager Blockchain/Crypto at W3bcloud.

New positions this week include Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Solution Architect at Deloitte.

Job seekers can submit CVs, and employers can list their blockchain job openings. For employers, we welcome links to your blockchain job postings; for employees, we welcome links to your online resume or CV. Please reach out to with the subject line “JOBS.”


You should also consider joining the Boston Blockchain Association today. Just fill out an application and you will stay up to date on all Boston-area blockchain happenings.

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