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Fintech financial technology

Boston Blockchain Events Week of March 1, 2021

It’s a huge week coming up as Thursday, March 4, will give you the chance to compare popular blockchain platforms as the BBA puts on Blockchain Platforms: Head-to-Head Comparisons. Then Friday, March 5 will feature the MIT Fintech Conference – which is the largest student-run conference in the world! Attendees will get to hear from [Read More…]

Paul Revere statue

Boston Blockchain Events Week of February 22, 2021

Are you ready for the biggest Boston Fintech event of the year? It’s coming! The MIT Fintech conference will arrive (virtually) on Friday, March 5 and it’s going to be huge! Speakers include Vlad Tenev, the founder and CEO of Robinhood, Ajay Banga, the former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Mastercard, Sheila Warren, the [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of February 15, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the Boston Blockchain Association is back in action this week with a discussion on the Blockchain Global Outlook for 2021. Join us on Thursday evening (virtually!) as we go over the trends shaping the blockchain industry in 2021. Following the discussion, we will have one of our world-famous networking breakout [Read More…]

Project startup

Boston Blockchain Events Week of February 1, 2021

Mainstream financial media covering price movements in the crypto capital markets shows how quickly they are becoming part of the global financial markets. Five years ago, you rarely heard about cryptocurrencies from mainstream media, but in 2021 it’s becoming increasingly commonplace. In short, mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is coming, and likely faster than any [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 25, 2021

The blockchain community in Boston continues to grow and that’s bringing more opportunities to connect and learn. If you’re not busy on Tuesday morning why not jump into the Algorand Developer Office Hours and learn how to use their open-source implementation to build blockchain tools. Or check out some of the AI resources being presented [Read More…]

Paul Revere statue in Boston.

Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 19

We have another fairly quiet week in terms of meetups, which isn’t too surprising as everything remains primarily virtual for the time being. However, the employment scene for Boston-based blockchain professionals is definitely heating up. We expect as spring arrives (it isn’t far off!) there will be far more activity in the meetup and conference [Read More…]

Burger and fries

Bitcoin vs. Burgernomics

Here’s my routine. Each morning I begin my day with meditation and exercise, then fix up a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill while I scan The New York Times (to take the pulse of the world) and Reddit (to take the pulse of the Internet). The Reddit community usually upvotes cute cat photos and funny [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 11

We’ve had a bit of a break over the holidays in terms of meetups but the coming week will bring the return of Boston blockchain meetups and we couldn’t be more pleased! Hope to see you all at this week’s meetups and at future events as well. If you aren’t already, please help support blockchain [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 4

Happy New Year to everyone! For everyone who has been holding bitcoin, the first few days of the new year have indeed been joyful as the digital currency continues its rally to hit a new all-time high of over $34,000 per coin. In Boston, it’s another quiet week as far as blockchain meetups go, but [Read More…]

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