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Paul Revere statue in Boston.

Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 19

We have another fairly quiet week in terms of meetups, which isn’t too surprising as everything remains primarily virtual for the time being. However, the employment scene for Boston-based blockchain professionals is definitely heating up. We expect as spring arrives (it isn’t far off!) there will be far more activity in the meetup and conference [Read More…]

Burger and fries

Bitcoin vs. Burgernomics

Here’s my routine. Each morning I begin my day with meditation and exercise, then fix up a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill while I scan The New York Times (to take the pulse of the world) and Reddit (to take the pulse of the Internet). The Reddit community usually upvotes cute cat photos and funny [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 11

We’ve had a bit of a break over the holidays in terms of meetups but the coming week will bring the return of Boston blockchain meetups and we couldn’t be more pleased! Hope to see you all at this week’s meetups and at future events as well. If you aren’t already, please help support blockchain [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 4

Happy New Year to everyone! For everyone who has been holding bitcoin, the first few days of the new year have indeed been joyful as the digital currency continues its rally to hit a new all-time high of over $34,000 per coin. In Boston, it’s another quiet week as far as blockchain meetups go, but [Read More…]

Blockchain network

How to Value Blockchain Using Network Effects

I want to shout it from the rooftops: ALL BLOCKCHAINS HAVE NETWORK EFFECTS! People are pouring money into the blockchain market again, but they’re forgetting this one simple rule: the more people that use a blockchain, the more useful that blockchain becomes. Today I’ll show you how to avoid their mistake – and a simple [Read More…]

Blockchain events

Boston Blockchain Events Week of December 21

Wow, it’s Christmas already! That really snuck up on us. And as you might expect, cryptocurrency meetups are a bit scarce this week as everyone is busy with family and friends. So, enjoy the holiday season, and enjoy the recent rally that took bitcoin not only above $20,000 but well above $23,000. That was certainly [Read More…]


How to Value Ethereum

As blockchain investors, how do we know if we’re getting a good deal? I am convinced about the long-term value of Ethereum: it’s the “Infinite Machine” that these new blockchain apps are being built upon. Like Windows or Android, Ethereum is the operating system for the new world of money. That makes Ethereum very valuable [Read More…]

Paul Revere statue in Boston

Boston Blockchain Events Week of December 7

It’s almost here. The From Bitcoin to Big Banks event hosted by the BBA hits on December 17 and we hope y’all have your calendars marked and your evening free because it’s going to be a good one. We hope you also registered for the Tezos workshop that will teach you how to build your [Read More…]

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