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Gold coin with bitcoin symbol.

Boston Blockchain Events Week of 1/20/20

It may be cold in Boston, but sunshine is on the way in the coming week. So are more great blockchain meetups and events! Get ready to head out and soak in some sun and blockchain knowledge. There’s an Investors Supergroup meetup you won’t want to miss. And, several programming sessions to help those developers [Read More…]


Boston Blockchain Events Week of 1/13/20

I understand the cold weather, ice and snow makes you feel like hibernating until spring, but why not come out and join like-minded blockchain enthusiasts for some winter lessons and discussions? Maybe you can benefit from the meetup to discuss how to find the right co-founder for your project. Or maybe you need to brush [Read More…]

The roading 20's

Boston Blockchain Events Week of January 6, 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade. It’s also the second decade for bitcoin. Look how far the revolutionary idea for blockchain and cryptocurrency has come in its first ten years. Now imagine what the next ten can bring. We need you to help spread the word about blockchain technology whenever and wherever possible. [Read More…]

Blockchain education

A Roadmap Toward Better Blockchain Education

My uncle, now in his 80’s, has been a lifelong value investor. In the style of Warren Buffet (whom he greatly admires), he invests for the long term, in good-quality companies whose stock is trading at a fair price. Once we were talking about how to build personal wealth, and he impressed the importance of [Read More…]

Gold coin with bitcoin symbol and holiday lights.

Boston Blockchain Events Week of 12/23/19

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings, bitcoiners! We’re sure you’re already geared up for the holidays (hopefully, you joined us last week for the Biggest Blockchain Party ever), and are ready for some well-deserved family time and relaxation. While there are no blockchain events in Boston in the coming week, you can still help the cause [Read More…]

Holiday party

Boston Blockchain Events Week of 12/16/19

It’s the week before Christmas and the Boston blockchain community is in a festive spirit! Take some time away from seminars, webinars, and coding to gather with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts in the biggest and best blockchain event of the year –  The 2019 Boston Blockchain Holiday Party! It will certainly be a night to remember [Read More…]

Silver coin with bold bitcoin symbol.

Boston Blockchain Events Week of 12/9/19

With Christmas and New Year’s rapidly approaching, we have time to reflect on how blockchain development is already working to radically transform our world. Industries from health care to finance to energy to logistics are all benefitting from the blockchain revolution. The best news is that the revolution is just getting started, and we are [Read More…]

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