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Gateway to Blockchain Entrepreneurship: Join Us for Final Pitch Night!

Gateway to blockchain

The Boston Blockchain Association has launched the “Gateway to Blockchain Entrepreneurship,” an exciting 9-week summer program aimed at undergraduate college students in Greater Boston. We welcome you to join us for our Final Pitch Night, August 3, 2021, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm ET.

This first-ever training program lets students see the blockchain industry from a variety of perspectives, learn how they can provide value to the ecosystem today, and understand how to build a career in this exciting new industry.

Each week of this summer program features a group of blockchain company founders, business leaders, or investors to engage students in discussing their experience within the blockchain ecosystem, as well as providing networking opportunities, mentoring, and support.

The program concludes with a FINAL PITCH NIGHT, where students will share their ideas for a new blockchain venture or startup, refined and honed over the 9-week program. You’re invited!

We hope you’ll join us to hear the students’ ideas, as well as learn about the success of this pioneering program, which we at the BBA are judging based on our graduates’ future engagement and success in the industry.

We thank our long list of sponsors and contributors for making this program happen: Algorand Foundation, Manetu, Qubic Labs, Castle Island Ventures, Sivo, Media Shower, Bleumi, Transformational Strategies, Prepare4VC, Chain Reaction, Speed Chain, Circle, BitAML, Darshana, 9th Gear Technologies, LiquidX, Chronicled, Transformational Strategies, Athenian VC, and the Blockchain Education Network.

Please join us to see the next wave of blockchain talent being incubated right here in Boston. RSVP here:

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