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2022 Recap and Year-End Membership Drive

A Message from Lynne Marlor, BBA Chair:

Good afternoon, BBA community!

The BBA had a terrific 2022 with 21 virtual events attended by more than 2,700 individuals and nine in-person events with almost 1000 attendees. We focused our resources on bringing the best and brightest in blockchain and the digital asset space to our members here in Boston and New England. In fact, on December 5th, along with our partner, TABB Forum, we hosted our first ever Boston Institutional Digital Asset Forum (#BostonIDAF) which saw more than 120 attendees and brought together the best names in the industry, not only as speakers but as sponsors. See the sizzle reel.

The BBA’s mission is to be the connector, convener and catalyst for all things blockchain. In 2023, we’re laser focused on supporting our three pillars or verticals to bring you the best educational content in and around Boston. Our three pillars are the financial services sector, student and university engagement, and state and local government. We execute our activities through three committees: Membership, Strategy, and Programs. These three committees are responsible for bringing the events to you both virtually and in-person, thus improving our membership communication and benefits and developing long-term strategies to continue to advance the impact, reputation, and focus of the BBA.

To that end, we’ll be focused on disseminating educational information through workshops, book reviews, speaker events (both virtual and in-person) and staying current on regulation, legislations, cybersecurity, and the state of the ecosystem. We want to bring our members events that go deeper into topics that are timely and relevant. For example, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) has reaffirmed the needs for a global framework for crypto adoption. We will dive deep into topics like these with legal experts in the field discussing why traditional tools don’t work and how proposed regulatory solutions can provide the guardrails that are needed in this ecosystem.

We’re a volunteer organization; the work that we do is funded by our members and sponsors. We’re a 501c3 charitable organization designed to educate in the blockchain space. We offer tax-deductible donation opportunities for our corporate members. We urge you to get involved in our 2023 journey by joining as an individual or corporate member.

Thank you to all our current members, sponsors, and partners who made 2022 a reality. We look forward to working with you all in 2023. In the meantime, you have our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Best regards,

Lynne Marlor, Chair

Recap of Institutional Digital Asset Forum (IDAF)


For those who couldn’t attend our IDAF event, please check out this recap written by Middlebury College student Cameron Langenhagen, who already boasts three years of crypto experience under his belt. His writeup offers a powerful overview both of the event and what the BBA is all about.

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